Taco Bell vs Burger King – Which one serves Best Food?

Taco Bell and Burger King have always been great rivals. Both are fast food joints and while Taco Bell specializes in Mexican Dishes, Burger King has a generic fast-food menu. People often talk about taco bell vs BurgerKing due to their shared dynamics. Burger King was established before Taco Bell but they both have risen to international fame. They have outlets all over the world. Except for general items, they provide region-specific menus, too to satisfy their customers.

Taco Bell Vs Burger King: Overview

Burger King was founded as Insta-Burger King in 1953. It has seen many transfers of ownerships and its parent company is Restaurant Brands International. As of 2018, it had a total of 17,796 outlets. Taco Bell was founded in 1962 as Bell’s Drive-in. Its parent company is Yum! Brands and as of 2018, it had 7,072 outlets.

Burger King is known for better advertisements and has a better impact than Taco Bell worldwide. Though, Taco Bell has been performing better than Burger King and winning the taco bell vs BurgerKing competition lately. It could be owed to the former’s refreshing and savory dishes.

Taco Bell Vs Burger King: Who Serves Better?

Different dishes cannot be compared as they have different ingredients, flavors, tastes, and so on. To answer the question of taco bell vs BurgerKing, it is ideal to compare something that they both serve. Tacos are served by both brands. Though Taco Bell sounds ideal for tacos, people should not underestimate Burger King:

  • Both their signature crunchy taco has beef, lettuce, and cheese. The ingredients are the same and they differ in their sauces and the type of beef and cheese.
  • Since Taco Bell is taco experts, their taco had more structural integrity than Burger King’s. Burger King’s crunchy taco was a bit soft, too while the former’s taco retained the crunchiness despite the sauces.
  • Burger King serves cheaper crunchy tacos than Taco Bell but it is smaller in size and also has lesser contents. The former tries to provide a cheaper alternative or rather variety in their menu, to their customers.
  • Relatively, Taco Bell’s taco was more flavorful. It had a hint of spice whereas Burger King’s was almost tasteless. Thus, in taco bell vs BurgerKing tacos, Taco Bell leads.

Taco Bell Vs Burger King: Which Brand Has More Calories?

It can be agreed that both chains serve savory and mouth-watering dishes. Right from the fries, potato dishes, burgers, tacos, wraps, and so forth; the brands are always in competition. Yet the boom which they saw has been slowing down as people move to a healthier lifestyle. It would not be justified to call fast food harmful. Both of these brands have catered to the needs of their customers.

Now, the question taco bell vs BurgerKing has moved on to whether who can provide the healthiest snacks. The menu often quotes the number of calories to help everyone make the right choice. Burger King carries more calories in most of its products when compared to Taco Bell. Burger King’s Bacon King Burger has over 300 calories and around 50gm fat more than Taco Bell’s Beef XXL Grilled Burrito. These both were their highest calorie-containing items and Burger King performs worse in many other comparisons, too.

Similarly, Burger King offers more sugary items than Taco Bell. The shakes offered by Burger King contain substantial amounts of sugar while Taco Bell usually focuses on soda-based drinks. Most importantly, the protein amount is similar in their food. They offer many dishes that contain chicken, eggs, beef, etc: all rich in protein. Thus, Taco Bell performs better in terms of nutritional value.


Regardless of the taco bell vs BurgerKing competition, both of the outlets perform well in their area. Burger King makes excellent burgers while Taco Bell is well-known for Mexican dishes. Taco Bell performs better in most areas including nutritional value, tacos, etc. While Burger King has more outlets, is great at advertising, has great burgers, etc. Keeping aside the figures, both of the brands can be enjoyed as they serve different types of food.

It is up to customers to shift their loyalties or stick to one brand. These multinational fast-food chain restaurants have breakfast options, too. A vegetarian menu is also provided to accommodate more customers. Thus, both of them compete by placing customer satisfaction atop and providing delicious meals.

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