Taco Bell Happy Hour from 2 PM-5 PM

If you are willing to treat yourself to some good, then Taco Bell is offering some huge advantages during its Happy Hour. Every day, between the afternoon hours, 2 to 5, this amazing food chain offers some huge discounts on the whole food menu. for taking survey on Tellthebell.com. ‘’Happy Hour’’ is considered to be the ideal time to get hands-on a couple of drinks and food items, at the lowest price. If you love to eat some hot grillers for less than a dollar, then you surely know where to head to!

Taco Bell Happy Hour – Best Offers On Foods & Drinks

Taco Bell makes everyone happier, don’t you think? Well, if you just headed to the store during this time frame, then there are some offers that you cannot afford to miss. All you have to do is sign up and get your beverage and food at the lowest possible amount. In addition to that, the Taco Bell application gives you the option of choosing the Happy hour menu beforehand. You can customize and order instantly, just as the happy hour starts!

Items that you must order from the Happy Hour menu:

Taco Bell has prepared an altogether different menu for its happy hour. In order to keep their customers contented, the entire menu consists of classic options, consisting of both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Therefore, food items that you must try during Taco bell happy Hour are as follows:

  • Potato Griller, which consists of stuffed potato bites that are fried to perfection. Crisp on the outside and moist on the inside, these grillers are then covered in cheese sauce, bacon and some sour cream. This is then wrapped in tortillas. This is a must try the item, every time you visit Taco Bell, during its happy hour!
  • The next item is a beef nachos griller. Grounded beef is first seasoned and then mixed with cheese and herbs. Red tortillas are used to wrap the mixture up before they are served hot to you!
  • The chicken loaded griller is another favorite of customers at the Taco Bell store. Made of spicy marinated chicken, the meat is then mixed with chipotle sauce, sour cream and then wrapped up in flour tortillas.

Apart from the grillers, you can also try out chicken wings and cheese nachos too, during the happy hour. There are certain beverages that you must try out as well. These are:

  • The Mountain dew Blast
  • Sangrita Blast
  • The Vanilla Float

For each item, the price is less than a dollar!

Visit your Taco Bell store today!

If you are looking for loaded grillers, all hot and spicy, then head down to your nearest Taco bell store for its great offer. You will be surprised at the quality and the price, making you visit the store daily. You can also order anything from the happy hour menu online too. Thus, Taco Bell aims at spreading pleasure and joy to its customers with its exclusive ‘’Happy Hour’’ deals!

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