TelltheBell – Win $500 Cash from Taco Bell Survey

Taco Bell, through its thousands of outlets in the US, has made a name for itself as one of the best Mexican food outlets. It provides an array of Mexican dishes such as Nachos, Burritos, etc and more than just its name; people are also familiar with the flavorful dishes. This legacy has also established itself internationally. One of the main reasons because of which the fast-growing and ever-branching Taco Bell has achieved this feat is due to its elaborate customer feedback system, TelltheBell Survey.

Brief Information About TelltheBell Survey:

TelltheBell Survey can be taken by individual customers of Taco Bell after dining to share their experience and provide the company with valuable feedback. Except for improving Taco Bell’s services and making them more customer-oriented through TelltheBell Survey, this survey could also help you win a cash prize of $500 from Taco Bell. To know how to easily win this prize just by providing valuable and helpful feedback to Taco Bell, be aware of the following points.

Requirements to take the TelltheBell Survey:

Winning through the sweepstake is only possible if a customer fulfills the general requirements. While anyone can share their feedback, not everyone can participate in the sweepstakes. Full rules and guidelines can be looked for on the survey website but here we have highlighted the important ones:

  • To take TelltheBell Survey, you need a Taco Bell receipt which will display a 16-digit code. Except for the code, you will also need to enter other details such as time of visit and store location.
  • While it is easy to take the survey, the sweepstake contest has some other requirements. First of all, the survey-taker must be 18 years or older, a legal US resident and should not be a Taco Bell employee themselves or should not be related to one.
  • Taco Bell sweepstake only takes in 26 entries per week and it runs over for 6 months. A survey-taker can only send 1 entry per week. That is to say, if you have more than one receipt, you can only apply once a week through each, and not all of them together.
  • The sweepstake of Taco Bell can either be entered online, as has been explained or you can also send a mail-in entry. The latter does not require any purchase or taco bell receipt, only your identity and contact details. The letter should be posted to Taco Bell sweepstakes, PO Box 6047 Dept 39421 AZ 85655.
  • As is evident from this information, the TelltheBell survey only provides the customers with a chance of entering the sweepstake contest. Even if a person is eligible for entering the contest, it does not guarantee their winning. A winner will be chosen randomly from either of the method, mail-in or online.

The winner of the $500 cash prize will be contacted via mail, e-mail, and/or phone and if no reply is received within 14 days, then a new winner will be chosen. Also, only one winner is allowed per household, and if any of the requirements are not met the winner can be disqualified and a substitute winner will be chosen.

Steps to take the TelltheBell Survey:

It is very important to not miss out any detail to be able to successfully apply for the sweepstake. If any of the basic requirements are not met, your application or your prize money could be in jeopardy. Foremost, to apply online, you should keep the receipt with yourself to enable you to take the survey by entering the 16-digit code. The various steps involved in taking the survey are:

  • The survey website ( can easily be accessed with a smartphone, PC, or laptop with an internet connection. On the lower right, rules and terms and conditions of the sweepstake contest can be read.
  • The homepage of the website will display empty blocks wherein you have to type the code provided in the receipt. If your receipt does not have a 16-digit code, you can click on the link, given on the homepage, to apply just be entering the Taco Bell store number.
  • If you have entered the 16-digit code, next you will have to mention the date and time of your visit. It is given on the receipt.
  • After filling in the above-mentioned information, you will have to answer the questionnaire. It lets you rate the various services offered by the store. Be honest while submitting your answers and make sure that you do not miss out on any question.
  • On submitting your feedback, you are given an option to apply for Taco Bell sweepstakes. On accepting it, you have to start by verifying that you are 18 years or older and then subsequently fill in your details such as your name, address, a working phone number, and email.

What are the various types of Questions Asked?

The survey includes general questions wherein you have to rate your experience. It also asks for reasons if you are unsatisfied with any of the services. These questions include overall satisfaction, type of order, taste and portion size, and so forth. A scale is provided for most of the questions to give your answer; it ranges from highly satisfied to terrible. The questionnaire also asks whether you would recommend Taco Bell to others and other feedback/comments. Each survey is valued equally and gone through thoroughly to provide the best experience to the customers.

Customer helpline services for more information:

To contact Taco Bell’s helpline services for any doubts or to get information regarding the menu, patents, nearest store, etc. you can simply visit the official website of Taco Bell. Also, a phone number to reach Taco Bell customer services is displayed on the website and can also be found on the receipt. You could easily call them and ask them your questions. Other means of contacting them include e-mail, mail-in and through the official website under ‘Contact Us.’

Participating in the sweepstake contest is therefore very easy if you qualify all the requirements, provided, you complete each step of the survey and give an honest opinion, along with correct credentials.